DJ Got Me Fit - Aberdeen

It's time to break up with your current gym and come party, New Jersey!

We have workouts that will blast body fat and tone muscle, all to the latest and greatest DJ remixes of the hottest music. Our night classes may or may not start with a special energy shot before the party gets started. This is what you get at DJ Got Me Fit. Classes, surprises, and ALWAYS an epic workout. We’re changing the game, so jump on board and let’s roll.

What are you waiting for? Come try any class for only $10!

Looking for another boring workout? Look elsewhere.

Not your average Jersey workout.

DJ Got Me Fit is excited to bring our kick-ass party fitness atmosphere to New Jersey! Coming soon you can expect amazing workouts, awesome events and a revolutionary fitness experience you’ve never seen before! Come join us!

The fitness lifestyle meets the party atmosphere